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I’m a Health & Wellbeing Facilitator with unhealthy obsession and fascination all to do with Emotions, emotional fitness, holistic approaches and all the science behind it! I want to normalise how we deal with emotions in the workplace!I help people to manage their difficult emotions and help them to build strength and emotional fitness to manage anxiety, stress, burnout, and their disregulated Nervous System so that they can bring the best out of themselves in the workplace and in their personal lives. Through managing emotional state I believe you can have a good balance between work life and personal life. 

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Corporate Health

Practical and effective group sessions with tools and techniques that I bring into the workplace to improve mental health and overall wellbeing.
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Back To Work In 9 Hours

This program is designed for businesses to help to reduce long-term absenteeism.
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Corporate Events

These are live or online events. These events are for people to release stress, anxiety and come back to safety and balance.
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