I first decided to give Breathwork a try after having experienced dramatic change and trauma in my life. I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and knew deep down that it was because of the stress and emotion I was holding in my body and that it was manifesting in this way. I had been very healthy, fit, and mobile for my entire life then overnight I almost couldn’t walk. My body was riddled with stress, guilt, and grief from what was currently going on in my life. Silvia was able to take me on a healing journey deep within my soul. I started knowing I was holding onto things I just never expected that it was so much, so deep and what came up for me had been buried so far down I hadn’t even voiced this with many people in my life. The experience took me outside of my physical body and allowed me to make peace with things I had done and experienced. I had been holding onto shame, guilt, and grief for years yet after a 30 min session I felt lighter, calmer, more content and compassionate towards myself. The experience I had was spiritual and physical. For the first time in years, I no longer had pain in my hips and in moments when I feel myself slipping back into shame and guilt, I can reflect on the experience I shared with Silvia and know I’m more than ok. It has helped me heal in the most incredible ways.  I recommend this for anyone who has trouble processing emotions, anyone who knows they have things buried in their subconscious and anyone who wants an experience that takes them into a spiritual realm outside of their physical being.