Corporate Health & Wellbeing

Tools & techniques to support better engagement, safe environment performance within the workplace

Modalities, tools and techniques that I use are;

These modalities are very beneficial in the workplace to learn emotional intelligence, to learn how to emotionally balance ourselves, how to develop a growth mindset and have better thoughts, and how to tune into our bodies. These tools and techniques will also support better performance, creativity and innovation.

Looking after employees Health and well-being at the workplace is so important it is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy at work and it is proven to be beneficial to both employees and organisations. Promoting well-being can help to reduce long-term absenteeism as a result of stress and mental health problems by creating a positive working environment where individuals and organisations can thrive.

Corporate Sessions

Breathwork & EFT Tapping

Brief Description
In this practical session, the staff will learn how to manage big emotions and how to move through them and learn the skills to Regulate the Nervous system. These two modalities will help you to release anxiety, overwhelm, stress, tension etc… During tapping, you are calming the brain’s fear centre  and significantly lowering the stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline. After EFT tapping and Breath work you will feel calmer, balanced, productive and be able to think clearer. It also boosts positivity and morale within the team.

Perfect for staff development and team building.


Active Breathwork - Booster Session

Brief Description
This Breath work session offers a time-efficient way to energise employees and have them acquire techniques to deal successfully with stress, release blocked emotions, fatigue, burnout etc…Breath work is a very effective modality helps us to awaken our nervous system and facilitates somatic release. Breath work helps regulate the central nervous system and brings the body back into balance and safety. Breath work enhances focus and clarity, opens creativity, productivity, improves confidence, creates stronger connection to yourself and others  and so much more….You will feel recharged and full of energy. 

Perfect for staff development and team building

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping

Brief Description
This EFT session is designed to teach the staff how to regulate their nervous system, moving from a fight or flight response back to safety, balance, calmness, productivity and general emotional health and wellbeing. EFT works incredibly quickly in neutralising negative feelings. After EFT tapping you will feel calmer, balanced and able to think clearer. 

 Perfect for staff development and team building.

NLP 3 Different Tools & Techniques

Brief Description
In this session, I will show you  the basics of NLP techniques such as; NLP visualisation, NLP Submodalities change, Inner critic work, and Swish patterns to eliminate bad habits, negative thoughts, images and form healthier habits and more resourceful thoughts.

These techniques are beneficial to building confidence, better communication, self-esteem, and generally feeling empowered and happier.

Bespoke packages available to suit your employees needs. For further information please get in touch.

Corporate Package

Corporate workshops delivered by Silvia Freeman

Back to work in 9 hours

Time: 6 sessions, 90 minutes long – 9 hours /Online or in Person
3 complimentary follow-up sessions 

This programme is unique and can be tailored to suit the individual

This program is unique, designed with care and well-thought program structure with interventions, practical tools and techniques. This program is to help to reduce long-term absenteeism as a result of stress and mental health problems. 

These modalities are beneficial to our ;

Physical Wellbeing

Fully opens the respiratory system
Helps removes toxins. 70% of all toxins leave via the exhalation
Stimulates circulation
Releases tensions in the muscular body
Energises entire body

Mental Wellbeing

Awareness & Expansion

What to expect

Explanation of how these modalities work, the science behind them, and the impact they have on our emotional, mental and physical health etc… 

Working with me will mean:

✅  Boosting teams morale

✅  Reducing sickness 

✅  Emotional resilience 

✅  Productivity / Focus 

✅  Adapting to changes

✅  Happinesses 

✅  Creativity

If you have any questions or you’d like to get in touch