Silvia is truly a miracle worker! I went from a place of all-night panic attacks to peace and ease all within one session. She has an amazing ability to tune into your energy to get to the bottom of exactly what is going on. She combines a variety of different therapies with her compassionate intuition to produce the most profound results. I have been to various therapists and tried all sorts of therapies over the past 5 years but Silvia is, without doubt, the most effective, empathetic and successful of them all. She is kind, compassionate and wise beyond her years and if ever I have any sort of issue, she’s only ever a phone call away and goes the extra mile to be available to help. She has enabled me to address all sorts of issues from different perspectives to bring about a successful outcome. It is also lovely how she brings humour into the sessions, as tackling mental illness can often be very dark/serious yet she puts a light, positive spin on things. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is a true angel. I wrote it straight from my heart and meant every word.