NLP Therapy / Coaching 

1-2-1 Session 

25 minute Free consultation.

A Single 90 minute £90 (in person) 

A Single 90 minute £77 (via Zoom) 

6 x Sessions £390 (in person or zoom)

NLP is an amazing methodology, science and to me it’s art. It is a perfect manual for the brain. NLP can be used in many different situations, but where I have chosen to take NLP is into therapy and coaching. 

NLP is about unlearning, relearning and reprogramming. What I am here to help you with is to reprogram and firstly to become aware of your old subconscious programming, blockages and constraints. My work is all about delving into what is holding you back and help you to find freedom from suffering. 

Who can benefit from NLP?

We all have some old habitual ways of thinking and behaving that can limit what we can do. Some of the NLP tools work in almost magical ways. But there is more than just quick techniques to permanent changes. All our behaviours are driven by our subconscious. When our subconscious programming and conscious goals are in alignment we can really easily achieve what we want. However sometimes they seem to work against each other. You want to be more confident, motivated, and yet you find yourself trapped by fear, procrastination etc.. No matter how hard you try you keep repeating the same pattern. To break the pattern I help my clients to change the subconscious programming. 

Here are some of the areas that I can help with; Traumatic Events, Past Sexual Abuse, Limiting Beliefs, Old Habits, Fears, Guilt, Shame, Depression




Emotional Freedom Technique

1-2-1 Session 

Couple Session 

A Single 60 minute session £80 ( in person)

A Single 60 minute session via Zoom £70

6 x session £390 (in person or via Zoom) 

2 hours Couple session via Zoom £140


An emotion is really energy in motion. However, when you are upset, anxious or worried about something, your focus of attention gets stuck on how you feel – the emotion. This causes the emotion to get blocked. You know you have blocked or stuck emotion when you can’t move on from something, when you struggle to let go of how you feel and when you hold yourself back in someway.

It sounds ridiculously simple, yet by tapping on the EFT points on your body, you can transform how you feel in minutes.

EFT process effects are not just “in your emotions but also physical changes happen in your brain as you use the technique.

During the tapping you are calming the brain’s fear centre and significantly lowering the stress hormone cortisol and even children can use it.

It literally changes the structure of the neocortex of your brain as old connections are replaced by new. You are changing the neural connections in your brain – which will result in an automatic change to the way you think. And thinking differently will naturally change the results you experience in your life.

All negative emotions are the result of a disruption in the body’s energy system. The tapping clears any such disruption which means that negative emotion is no longer produced. EFT works in emotions such as anger, sadness, worry, anxiety, panic attacks, guilt, grief, shame, depression, phobia etc…

Breathwork Healing Session 

A single session 1-2-1

1 Hour and 15 minutes £75

5 x 1-2-1 Sessions £350

The breath works to bridge this gap from head to heart, awakening our nervous system and facilitating somatic release. This one to one session will allow you to experience a full-body exhale.

There are a multitude of benefits that can be experienced quickly such as better night’s sleep, reducing anxiety, releasing stagnant old emotions, trauma, old beliefs, upgrading emotional intelligence and so much more.

Working through a particular challenge, block or emotion that you like to move through with more clarity and ease.

You will feel the nervous system slowing down and gain a tangible sense of dropping into your body (often in the first moments). We will finish the breathwork with a relaxing meditation to drop deep into rest and rejuvenation.

Breathwork is good for; Healing trauma, emotional blockages, Anxiety, Depression, Stress and so much more.



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Friday Online Breathwork Circle

1st October 

22nd October

Time: 7PM -8:10PM


Please note when you make the payment put the reference “Breath and the date you’re booking. Your PayPal payment confirms your place. I will then send you the link via email.

Breathwork is a powerful and transformational modality that will activate your nervous system to clear whatever emotions might be stuck there. It is also very empowering.





Monday Online EFT & Meditation

27th September

11th October

25th October


Time; 7PM – 8:10PM


Please note when you make the payment put the reference “EFT and the date you’re booking.Your PayPal payment confirms your place. I will then send you the link via email.  

EFT Tapping with NLP Meditation are very powerful. EFT lowers the cortisol and adrenalin that our body produces when we are in fight or flight mode. This modality brings your body to it’s natural balanced state.


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