Virtual Boost your Energy with a January Uplift Workshop


Jan 15 2024


12:00 - 13:00

I am super excited to host my January Online workshop.

How about giving yourself a boost of energy? And I don’t mean coffee!

⚡️Boost your energy with a January Uplift Workshop that feels like a breath of fresh air!

We all know what it feels like to return to work after Christmas. It can be quite challenging for some. We may feel tired, have low morale and need some help to uplift our mood and positivity levels.

This workshop is design to boost your motivation, uplift your mood to help with your workload, get those new creative projects going, help with deadlines etc.. So why not consider enjoying some support from a professional and join our Breath of Fresh Air online workshop?

What you can expect?

Active Breathwork – Breathwork practise is awesome with good tunes! and I have a fab playlist ready for the workshop!! Let the music guide your breath!

⚡️The influx of fresh oxygen during Breathwork session will have a positive impact on your mood.
⚡️It will shift any negative thoughts, helps to move any heavy emotions
⚡️ It will boost your mental clarity, focus and allows you to make better decisions
⚡️The energy is fabulous after you’ve done Breathwork.

NLP Guided Visualisation – I play amazing chilled out music for this one!

⚡️This tool is incredibly valuable
⚡️This guided session will greatly assist you in a wide range of situations, such as getting ready for a task with ease and motivation; meeting deadlines, embarking on a new project, or when meeting a new client, or whatever it may be for you. The true power of visualisation lies in the fact that your mind cannot differentiate between what you imagine and what is actually happening in reality. For instance, if you visualise yourself successfully completing your tasks a piece of work, your brain perceives it as if you have already achieved it. After visualising, you will feel incredibly motivated to tackle the work because you already know how it will feel and have already seen the image of it being effortlessly completed.

Everyone is welcome

I can’t wait to see you there. From your desk in your office or if you’re working from home.

Ticket price; £28.50


    You will need
    • Somewhere to lie down, yoga mat or bed
    • Headphones
    “So let’s breath together, let’s inspire each other.”

    This workshop is all about you taking care of your body, mind and soul.
    I am delighted to guide you!