Riders and Rider Resilience


Jul 21 2022


20:00 - 21:30




Do you suffer from competition nerves? Does your horse feel your anxiety in the saddle? Do you struggle to recover from set backs?
I am very excited to bring in brand new online classes designed specifically for riders who want to improve their performance, enjoy their horse and feel more confident.

I’ve had excellent feedback from a rider who felt the difference in her riding after just one session. She said “I can’t believe the difference in my horse just because I’m calmer and more relaxed in the saddle!”

I know riders would benefit hugely from techniques such as EFT & Breathwork. EFT & Breathwork can help you with; 

Emotional resilience – learn how to balance your emotions and the nervous system

  • Build confidence 
  • Learn how to breathe properly 
  • Process your feelings and emotions
  • Release negative / stagnant energy
  • Mental NLP Visualisation – Great preparation tool for competitions 
  • Overcoming challenges 

We know that horses are intelligent, sentient beings. By taking away speech, riders have to communicate with the horse on a more visceral, holistic level. If the rider isn’t emotionally and mentally balanced, that affects the horse’s performance.

That is why it’s essential that the riders get the support they need so that they feel emotionally healthier, bringing a calming energy to their body and mentally managing the thoughts in their head in order to perform well. 
The horse can be affected by the simplest of things: such as the rider’s breathing. They pick up on body language, energy and reactions.

Breathwork and Emotional Freedom Technique will support all of this and more.  

These sessions are open to anyone who wants to enjoy their horse, whether you are a happy hacker, a dressage rider or an eventer there is something for everyone.

    You will need
      “So let’s breath together, let’s inspire each other.”