Change your anxious movies through NLP


Feb 23 2023


19:00 - 21:00




This workshop is about helping you to disassociate from anxious images and movies in your head. 

Perhaps you have been through something difficult in the past and the image of that experience still to this day haunts you.

You are very much associated with the experience through the images that you’re producing in your head, it’s a visceral experience for you. When you are associated it means that you relive an unpleasant experience and you have all the feelings.

You might feel physical pain in your chest, your stomach squeezes, you get the sweaty palms, tight throat and this is whenever you think about the experience, the movie in your head is playing  or something triggers it. This is now affecting your work, your creativity, your confidence,  self esteem etc…..You feel like you have no choice but to suffer from it.

The truth is You can be FREE and LIBERATE yourself from this!  You have a choice and I’m going to help you change that old movie in this workshop so that you can move on in life.

When the meaning of that old movie changes, our state changes. When our state changes our responses change. Our state determines our behavior. 

Through NLP I am going to guide you on a practical experience to change the submodalities of your anxious movie so that you can disassociate from it. It will no longer cause you visceral or emotional disturbance. It’s the most liberating feeling ever! 

Every experience has a structure how we internally re-present the data gathered by our senses and the structure is formed through what we call Submodalities (they are like the building blocks of the Internal Representation). Changing these is a very practical NLP technique that is able to change our state almost instantly. Our emotion will be changed when the submodalities of the internal representation are changed.

I absolutely love working with people and seeing how quickly people can make life changing changes through what is a relatively simple and fast process.

  • What is NLP
  • How to change anxious images, old experiences that causes you destress
  • NLP Change submodalities and how it works
  • NLP Intervention - exercise
  • NLP Visualisation and closing
You will need
  • Quiet place where you will not be interupted
  • Yoga mat or a bed to lie down
  • Pen & Paper
  • Headphones
“So let’s breath together, let’s inspire each other.”