Sunday Breathwork – In Person


Jul 31 2022


18:30 - 20:30




I am grateful and honoured to facilitate these deep, sacred spaces for anyone being called to do this work. The way I hold space as a facilitator is very important to me, especially when we are doing such transformational work.
The intention of this workshop is to provide a safe place for women to gather, connect, breathe, move their bodies, heal, and empower. This workshop is about softening the hard edges and breathing through the emotions that feel stuck within us.
Breathwork is designed to get out of the analytical thinking mind and into the body where we feel so deeply. This is an active Pranayama Breathwork and it allows you to dive deep within yourself to clear blockages, stuck emotions, release trauma and empower your being.
  • Grounding Meditation – Journaling
  • EFT Tapping to release stress and tension
  • Ceremonial Cacao
  • Active Breathwork
  • NLP Closing Meditation
  • Vegan homemade cake, to ground the energy after the Breathwork
You will need
  • Your own yoga mat
  • Blankets/warm layers – warm socks if you get cold feet!
  • Something to cover your eyes (travel eye mask or flannel)
  • A cushion
  • Wear soft, comfortable clothing / layers
  • A bottle of water

So let’s breath together, let’s inspire each other.

This workshop is all about you taking care of your body, mind and soul.
I am delighted to guide you!