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 NLP is about reprogramming the brain using language and so much more. It’s about learning how to run your brain instead of letting your brain run you, so that you can have better control.

NLP is a set of tools, techniques and strategies that you can apply in both your business and personal life to help you to train your brain to be happier and free. 

Who can benefit from NLP?

We all have some old habitual ways of thinking and behaving that can limit what we can do. Some of the NLP tools work in almost magical ways. But there is more than just quick techniques to permanent changes. All our behaviours are driven by our subconcious. When our subconcious programming and concious goals are in alignment we can really easily achieve what we want. However sometimes they seem to work against each other. You want to be more confident, motivated, and yet you find yourself trapped by fear, procrastination etc.. No matter how hard you try you keep repeating the same pattern. To break the pattern I help my clients to change the subconcious programming. 

‘Neuro’ → represents the nervous system and communication network in the human body.

‘Linguistic’ → represents the language we speak to ourselves and others

‘Programming’ → is the operating instructions that create and outcome

Here are some of the areas that I can help with;

I specialise in helping people with;

Traumatic Events

Past Sexual Abuse

Limiting Beliefs, Old Habits,

 Fears, Guilt, Shame  



The initial consultation is 25 min long.

In this session I will Identify of where the root of the issue lies or what you want to achieve. Also you can ask any questions you may have about NLP. I will ask you several questions, posed in such a way that your unconscious mind will start to whittle away at the problem, breaking it down, re-assessing how to get what you want. If you then decide to go ahead we can start the session. 

Sessions are 1 hour long. After the session i’ll give you will recieve aftercare email on how to sustain the changes you go through. In this way, I support you through those transformations.




NLP / Time Line Therapy – 90 minutes £55

Inner Child Healing – 90 minutes £60

EFT Tapping  & Reiki Healing £52

EFT Tapping – 60 minutes £45

7 Session NLP Package – £315



I have been trainded in 2017 and 2019 by the co creator of NLP / DR.Richard Bandler 

And this special human Paul McKenna 

Fabulous group of NLP Master Practitioners, we were assiting Paul McKenna at his event in May 2019 in Birmingham 

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