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It’s beautiful to have you land here

You really don’t need to spend the next 10 years of your life in therapy to heal your trauma. I am not kidding. Can you imagine what this could look like for you in 90 days? 

Who is this programme for? 

This programme is for anyone who feels stuck in this point in their life, looking to release blockages / constraints to find freedom and liberation.  

When I say trauma, I don’t just mean physical trauma, it could be the feeling of constriction, limitation, helplessness and disconnection from yourself. It could be an experience in your life that narrows every field in your life and it’s deeply distressing. 

Give me 90 Days and You will experience Liberation and Expansion!
This programme is designed to deliver your desired outcome! 

I know what it is to live with deep routed trauma

 I struggled until I was thirty three years old with significant childhood trauma. I grow up in a volatile environment. My body become trained to feel the fear all the time and I become highly sensitive, easily overwhelmed, but never ever expressed  my feelings to anyone. By the time I was 16 years old I become deeply depressed. I suffered with panic attacks and deep sense of guilt, shame and feeling worthless. However I always had this inner fire in me that kept me moving forward. I was desperate to find something or someone that could help me. After a few years of searching, moving country at the age of 20 years old and countless hours in therapy, I finally experienced freedom by seeing what has been revealed to me in NLP hypnosis. The trauma was locked deep down in my subconscious and so I couldn’t remember what happened to me. About five years ago, one of my friends recommended trying NLP & Hypnosis. I booked my first session and that was my pivotal moment of change. From the 90 minute session I walked out feeling liberated. I didn’t just stop there, that was just the beginning. From that moment my self development journey began. I started working on my growth mindset and re-opened the channel to spirituality. It wasn’t easy, I had to face lot of shadows, unpleasant memories, feelings and years of stuck emotions. I had to witness all of me with love and compassion. I still have tendencies towards my old behaviour and habits, but I have developed a strong awareness, higher consciousness and I can work through whatever arises in me with my tools and techniques that I have learnt over the years. 


  I’m going to be honest! There are no quick fixes in this program. We’ve got to pull those old weeds out first in order to plant new flowers.

You will be required to be 100% in and own this transformation you will be going through and your results.
If you don’t want that level of responsibility, please know, this is not for you. However if you decide to take this journey, I’ve got you every step of the way.
I will show you what you need to see, hear, reflect upon and heal. I will guide you with absolute gentleness and I will help you to create a space in your mind to shift your perspective and allow you to be free from suffering physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally.

This Programme is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Compassionate Inquiry work, Behavioural Science, Breathwork, Time Line Therapy, Meditation and Movement. 

You will understand how the brain and mind works and why it works that way. We will dive deep into the psychology of the subconscious mind and human behaviour. 
I have a unique way of working with clients when it comes to trauma work. There are different stages and I will be using different interventions and the above modalities to get to the root cause. 
This programme will take you from
Trauma to Liberation
Unconscious to Conscious
Hate to Forgiveness
Chaos to calm
Fear to love
Not feeling good enough to I am Enough
Unworthiness to Worthiness
Being exhausted to Alive
Procrastination to Action
Self hate to Self LOVE
Stuck to Growth
First we will have an introduction call via zoom and see if this is 100% for you. If it is a big YES, then
We will arrange your fortnightly sessions. The sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long and you will have 7 in total. You will have me supporting you between the sessions and we will communicate via WhatsApp. 
 After each session I’ll be sending you practical homework, practises, tools, hypnosis videos, meditations, breathwork and EFT videos to support your journey to allow you to truly embody and integrate in your day to day. 
Here are my Qualifications
During the 90 days I will bring it all to the table the science and interventions. I will bring my heart, soul and dedication to your whole experience.
Let me tell you we’re going to have a laugh too. To step into a transformative work like this, we have to feel good. I am here to make you realise how powerful you are and where you have lost your power and how to get it back.
We will work through

Route cause of your trauma

Old subconscious programming / beliefs / bad habits / blockages / triggers 

How the conscious mind and subconscious mind works

Inner Child Healing 
Compassionate Inquiry Work
Changing limiting beliefs and perceptions with new empowering beliefs
Aligning your environment with new beliefs
Emotional regulation
The power of language
Reframing past hurt / dissociation
How to shift from low state to higher state
Self love / Self care
 I Am Enough
Step into Your Purpose
To secure your place, please get in touch with me via email. I am only taking 3 people for this programme.
I will require a deposit of £100
After your deposit is paid, you can pay the remaining amount of £790 in full or in 2  instalments. I require the full amount to be paid before we begin to work together.
If you have any further questions about the programme please email me on silvia@eznlp.co.uk or complete the form at the bottom of this page. 
This is not a fixed program the following steps below can be tailored to your individual needs. 

“Unravelling process”

Route cause of your trauma / suffering 

 Triggers / Limitations / Blockages / Constraints

Inner Child Healing
Compassionate Inquiry work
Reframing past hurt
Learning compassion for what you have been through

 New beliefs & habits  

  Aligning your environment with new beliefs  

 Your representational system of the world 

 Learning how to think on purpose 

The power of language 

 Create healthy boundaries 

Emotional regulation 

 Knowing how to move from lower state to higher state

 Tools & Techniques to support your journey 


Positive and strong self talks

Movement / Energy / Creativity 

Catching yourself when tendency to slip back into the old ways

Knowing what gives you energy and what drains your energy 

Self love & Self Care


I Am Enough State



Step into your purpose

If this feels like YES for You, then I would love to guide you on this powerful journey! Don’t forget we will have fun too. Let’s do it! 




Silvia is absolutly amazing! Such a lovely, warm and knowledgeable lady. I saw her via Zoom when I was in a very dark place indeed and she helped mh tremendously . She really does care about her clients and always goes the extra mile to make sure you’re okay. She has a real gift for tapping into your spiritual side. I also had a  session of remote healing and I could actually feel the tingling as she carried out her work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Silvia and feel very comforted to know that she’s at the end of the telephone if ever I need her. 


So many emotions last night I felt so connected to my inner child, I felt all the raw scary, sad emotions and I really nurtured her and felt so close and protective of her. She became me and I felt so much gratitude and appriciation for my journey and it made me realise why I needed to go on this path, to gain self love and realise I really am enough and my feelings are so valid. I can’t tell you how much I gained from last night coupled with EMDR work I’ve been doing it just topped it off. You took me so deep and i felt so at ease and safe to go there, because it really was an emotional experiace. I was so shocked to find myself in tears throughout, tears of sadness and pride. So seriously form the bottom of my heart thank you . It was a trully special journey,

I can’t recommend Silvia enough!
I was ‘burnt out’ from a stressful job when I first met Silvia.
I had 6 sessions staggered over 12 weeks with ‘ homework’ in between and access to Silvia in between sessions if needed. I received a weekly email In between sessions ‘ checking’ in on how I was and if I needed any further support.
When do you ever receive that kind of compassion, kindness, expertise- with Silvia you do.
With Silvia’s guidance I have now discovered who I am, what ‘ lights me up’ and I am now able to be me!
Thank you isn’t enough for the support given but I will be forever indebted to Silvia for the support and faith she had in me.
No hesitation to recommend Silvia- she is totally awesome.



Silvia it was such a well timed session for me. I cried through the whole EFT, but felt so much better the next day and I’ve been much calmer since. Also my eczema had flare up two days beforehand and it’s virtually completely gone now. Amazingly powerful. Looking forward to the next one.


The sessions were like talking to a friend and a sister. A safe space to delve into deep tightly gripping issues, yet also room for laughter. Words are not enough to encompass the experiance or describe the comfortable and warm feeling when in the presence of Silvia. A trully wonderful space to feel truly held.


I found the session so helpful and have done lots of reflecting since. I definetly felt an immediate shift of how I feel about my parents. The compassion aproach is a real game changer and so completly different to anything I’ve experianced in talking therapy. I do feel earlier in my healing journey it was good to have some distance / anger and now I’m at the stage of compassion. It’s been long road of healing one to one that continues.


I definitely noticed a shift almost immediately. I had been in a very low mood as we had a lot of bereavements last year. This helped to get some endorphins moving around my body! Will try to join again next time .
Many thanks