Corporate Health and Wellbeing


In November 2018 and 2019 I led  meditation to open the Annual Network Rail Conference. At the beggining of January 2020 I delivered a few workshops on Neuro Linguistic Programmimg, EFT Tapping and Meditation. 

I have been leading and promoting Health & Well-being at Network Rail for the past 3 and half years. I am teaching people how to release stress, anxiety etc….and how to look after the mind and body.

Meditate in your office 

I also run a regular meditation classes in the Birmingham office which has been a huge success.

My biggest audience to date 300 participants

Health & Well-being champion and Mental Health First-Aider at Network Rail


January 2020 Safety Stand Down Conference. I delivered a few sessions at Network Rail for the Construction Managers who are  working on the railway track. 


NLP workshop at the Barn,Houlton 


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Below is from a corporate meditation session I delivered for WPR Agency in Edgbaston earlier this year. Mental Health Awareness Week.

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