A few people have asked if I’d accept a donation for these sessions as they are finding them very beneficial, which is wonderful to hear.
 I am offering donation for these sessions, whatever feels right to you in these difficult times.
I am grateful for your support to keep me on this path. .

In these sessions we will explore;

 EFT Tapping 

 Healing Vortex  

Reiki Distant Healing 

Heart Coherence / Gratitude


I will guide you on a journey to connect deeply to yourself. In a safe space I will help you to feel your feelings. We will not judge them, instead we will acknowledge them, release and let go of what no longer serve you. We will create a safe space to do this work. 


In my meditations I always incorporate NLP. To me meditation is like the sunshine that helps everything grow, whereas NLP is the laser beam that can cut away or dissolve the parts of life that cause us to be stuck.

The two fields work beautifully in conjunction with each other. NLP provides a powerful tool to shift emotional blocks and create motivation whereas meditation brings a deeper and more spiritual foundation to NLP. 


Often we start the Meditation with EFT Tapping which is a powerful technique. It releases any negative emotions, it lowers the cortisol and adrenaline and releases endorphins. After EFT you will feel lighter and a lot more relaxed ready for the relaxation. We then explore different breathing techniques, visualisations and NLP anchoring. 



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